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                      MEN- Astra Superior Platinum razor blades, the best ones for Italian men- In Italy, the men are discovering again the pleasure to shave from the barber, and always a larger number of Italians are discovering how to shave at home can be a moment of pure privacy, a rite that is outside from the time and the space. But which are the favorite razor blades according to Italian men? You have already read it in the title so you know this, but why Astra Superior Platinum, also called Green Astra, are so much looked for? We try to understand it together talking about their history too. The first Astra’s strong point is certainly the value for money. Astra razor blades are doubtless of good quality, made by excellent materials with a quite high durability about the amount of shavings, then they’re effective whipped on the most of the safety razors and they’ re also great broken and inserted into the straight razors such as Shavette. But how long do Astra Superior platinum razor blades last? It’s hard to say, each skin is stand-alone but it’s easy to be able to get 4 shaves without they start to scratch. A little of math, if every dispenser of Astra razor blades contains 5 blades, and in each box there are 20 dispensers (so 100 blades in total) and each blade allows quietly 4 shaves, then it means that with 1 Astra green box we will get about 400 shaves. Obviously this price is extremely interesting for anyone, from the barber to wet shaver! Especially because, as we’ve mentioned above, Astra blades are very sharp and give a really very close and satisfying shaving. Then their level of aggressiveness is perfectly balanced and for this reason Astra hardly irritate the skin. Who is the manufacturer of these shaving’s gems? Gillette St. Petersbug! Actually in many countries in the world these razor blades are called: “Gillette Astra Superior”. Do you want to know Astra’s history (and not only)?: in 2000, Gillette opens its new manufacturing’s company in St. Petersburg, Russia (near Pulkovo airport), investing $ 40 million with a workforce of 500 people, that in a short time made it one of the biggest and most important manufacturing’s company of razors and razor blades in the world, with a volume of 860 million razor blades produced every year. This company is the result of the “joint venture” with Leninets, a conglomerate with interests ranging from the avionics to the common consumer goods. This company produces that we believe are among the best razor blades in the world (and not only Astra Superior). In 2004 the company just born five years before expands itself, with an investment of 502 million rubles (about € 6 million according today's exchange rate). Meanwhile 2 Gillette companies are closed in Great Britain and moved to St. Petersburg to consolidate the production of razor blades in Russian plant. The razor blades produced by the company, in addition to Astra Platinum (Green Astra), are the next ones. Astra Superior Platinum razor blades- A brand that arises in Czech Republic, bought by Gillette with the production moved in St. Petersburg’s factory. Perma Sharp Super razor blades- Perma-sharp super, these blades deserve a stand-alone article in the future, and I will never stop decanting the qualities of these razor blades. Originally they are produced by Permatick Celik Sanayi in Turkey and later, in 2003, purchased by Gillette, that immediately has moved its production to St. Petersburg’s company. After the production’s moving these razor blades are become one of the highest quality blades in circulation. Very popular in Soviet Union. Tiger razor blades- They come from the same Czech company from which come from Astra razor blades. Today they’re still available but officially out of production. Gillette Platinum- Great quality razor blades, twins of Gillette Super Stainless. Iridium Super- Ex Polish brand produced by Wizamet and purchased by Gillette. They’re excellent razor blades. Sputnik- Blades strictly produced for Soviet marketplace, originally the brand belonged to a Russian company called FCP. For a full information we report that the most popular razor blades brand name in Russia not branded Gillette is Rapira one. Polsilver- As Iridium Super blades, these razor blades were born in Poland and they were produced by Wizamet, before Gillette’s purchase that moved the production in St. Petersburg. Gillette 7 o’clock – Super Stainless E Sharp Edge- Very appreciated razor blades by passionates. Rotbart- Razor blades created for German marketplace. Nacet- One of the strangest brands of this company. Packed in a box with a top image of a crocodile that is divided into 2 from a blade. But in the end, almost everyone when they were child dreamed to cut into 2 parts an alligator with a razor blade! Everything written above might suggest that all razor blades come out from this company are the same. But that is not the case, just try them to understand it. The steel, polishing type and the coatings change dramatically their quality, and among all the blades mentioned above, some more, some less, I ensure you that there are huge differences.